Parsian International Hotel

History of Activity Parsian International Hotels is a holding company specialized in hotel management, owning 21 three-, four-, and five-star hotels across Iran, and owned by Parsian Tourism and Recreational Center Holding Company. This company was registered on 30 November 1999 as Azadi International Hotels, and once again on 11 November 2001 with the title and brand of Parsian International Hotels. Activity Parsian International Hotels is the first and largest hotel group in Iran. Parsian hotels are located in many cities significant for tourism, pilgrimage, and commerce, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Bam, Chalus, and Ramsar. In response to the increasing demand of the tourism market, Parsian International Hotels plays a determining role in the Iranian hotel management industry by providing residence, entertainment, sports, and recreational services meeting international standards. Market share A major share of the Iranian hotel management industry market belongs to Parsian International Hotels. In recent years, based on human resources education, innovation, creativity, and scientific management, this company has found a distinguished status in the Iranian hotel management and its target market. Parsian International Hotels attempts to play a major role in enhancing the Iranian tourism industry based on international hotel management standards and recreation of the Iranian-Islamic hospitality.

  • 1- Promotion of Islamic hotel management
  • 2- Development of hotel management market share
  • 3- Development of quality and health in service provision
  • 4- Maximum exploitation of potentials
  • 5- Development of human resources
  • 6- Development and integration of the marketing system
  • 7- Development of ecotourism
  • 1- Promotion of Islamic hotel management
  • 2- Recreation of the Iranian tradition of hospitality
  • 3- Planning for the promotion of human capital
  • 4- Quality promotion of hotel management services
  • 5- Quality maintenance of hardware inventory
  • 6- Updating relevant technologies
  • 7- Promotion of the Parsian brand and increasing the market share